1. For so long I've posted at high peak times. Affectionately known to some as 'prime time' or 'happy hour'
  2. Alas, no more. Screw you, prime time!
  3. Yes, I'm fully aware this is a construct of my own mind!
    It's a brilliant architect, rather avant-garde.
  4. I got hooked on prime time after a few high trends and notable likes.
    The rush was incredible.
  5. Then I broke.
  6. Then I thought, I'm a grown-ass woman, I'm a student of psychology, I know better!
    TLA is an extremely fascinating world for a psych student. Not only for the community value, but this apps design is intoxicatingly fascinating.
  7. That's it. No more, "Cali will be awake in 2 hours", "ahhh, the east coast will get this close to trend". It stops now*
    *subject to change of mind at any stage I might weaken and need validation.
  8. I'll post when my list is ready for y'all to read.
  9. ...and, publish.