This wasn't easy for me.
  1. Changing
    Not a massive fan of this song. Seems simpleton. I really wanted this one to be better for the meaning on those lyrics. What I do love is that guitar riff. A little too hick for my likes. Soz, John x
  2. You're Gonna Live Forever In Me
    This beats Changing for the lyrics-musicality combo. As in the music suits the lyrics (according to my ear). Otherwise I kind of feel they are on par.
  3. Moving On and Getting Over
    This really does tie with LOTW for me. I love the vibe of this song. This is my kitchen-dance song. The lyrics are so real. I can imagine being at a show and just full out vibing to this one. I expect he'll play with this one when he tours it. I sure would love to see you one more time, baby. I'm dancing to it as I write this!
  4. Love On The Weekend
    Maybe it's because I've had longer with this one. Maybe it's because I've already inked in some indelible memories of this song. Maybe it's personal. Maybe it's because of serotonin overflow. Mostly it's just the fucking imagery. I want some love on the weekend.