Love love LOVE Wave Two. And y'all know how much I love to love! Thank you @john x
  1. 2. Roll It On Home
    Not my kind of music. That being said, right context, like if I were at a hoe down (is that correct?!) and I'd totally find the groove!
  2. 1. Still Feel Like Your Man
    A little JT from a few years ago. That groove, that vibe. That got me walking on cloud nine swag. Lyrically sad, but melodically uplifting! That build to the chorus at 2 mins-ish got me smiling like a love-smitten fool!
  3. 1. Helpless
    I immediately identified with this song. I love the rhythm and intensity. I love that idea of 'just fucking tell me where I stand'. I want to always know that. When you come back to Australia (hopefully Perth!) John, I'll be the one near the front looking like I'm lost in this track. It takes me on, and takes me out.
  4. 1. Emoji Of A Wave
    Prior to release I went on a rampage (in my mind) about "how could John timestamp his songs with a song (title) so pop-culture-y? Ugh". Well, jokes on me! This song IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. That is all. Fucking beautiful. I identify with this so immeasurably. Both this and Helpless are my current anthems (and possible tie for first place but SFLYM just makes me so happy)
  5. @ me ... 'cause I'm so here for that!