@Jenelle i hope you enjoy my slightly-different-to-your-request list about showers and me! Inspired by my old bio: my best ideas come to me in the shower.
  1. So it comes to be, this list was partially written in the shower! Well, this bit at least.
  2. I've never struggled with my own company. As a child, my mum would let me stay in the shower for ages. And this is where it all began.
  3. Thirty-ish years on, not a lot has changed. I'm still a child! Point in case..
    The perils of dicking around making suddy mohawks.. I got suds in my eyes seconds after this pic.
  4. Truth is: I love being in my own mind. That's why I love to run. Why I love to yoga. Why I love to shower.
  5. I enjoy a hot shower. The first few moments of the water flooding my dry body is euphoric. It opens my mind. It signals my brain.
    Even in summer my showers are warmer than you might expect. Though not hot. I mean we average 100F summers in Perth.
  6. I'm not always mentally productive in the shower. Sometimes I do nothing at all. I retreat to the solitude. Sometimes I use it to catch up on social media.
    Yep, half my lists and tweets are composed naked.
  7. To those wondering. This is how I can shower with my phone. I have a nifty little set up.
    Photo taken from under the water.
  8. I love to share my shower. On the condition that I get to remain under the water. There is something delectable about two suddy bodies.
  9. I always look for outdoor showers when booking tropical getaways. This list has my heart .. 10 HOTÉIS DE LUXO COM BANHEIROS AO AR LIVRE DE CAIR O QUEIXO
  10. If I allow myself to be lost in my thoughts during a shower, my imagination + innovative minds collide.
  11. I have epiphanies, conquer fears, rehearse and diffuse problems, come up with business names for friends (truth), mentally write poetry, sing, fantasize, dream up future shower designs*, goal-set, understand my thoughts and try to decode the workings of others.
    *My next shower will be a double and will have a scuba-tablet style writing board wall.
  12. I rate a hotel room or resort on the quality of its bathroom, specifically its shower. If it is above 5 stars, I expect both a shower and a bath and never combined.
    I used to travel a lot for work and always 5+ star hotels. There is no excuse for a combined shower-bath in these establishments.
  13. In amongst this, the reality is that my showers are too long (for a country in drought) and I honest to god forget to cleanse (sometimes).
  14. This list may make perfect sense to the rest of you showerholics, but if it has left you confused.. AMA! I'm open about my shower-love.