These are the sites open in my phone's Safari..nothing is edited and fortunately for me, I think, it's pretty tame at the moment! The procrastinators way to clean it out.. make a detailed list first!
  1. 21 Days to Happiness with Shawn Achor // ok, the future positive psychologist in me has the biggest Shawn Achor crush! (Sorry Michelle!) love this course. Thanks O!
  2. Accommodation in Bali: The Ubud Village Resort and Spa
    BINGO!.. We've found ourselves a winner! Private pool and outdoor shower!
  3. LIVe Applecross: Matwork and Reformer Pilates
  4. Upbeat Party Solutions Party Hire
  5. South West Event Hire Staging Solutions
  6. Dropbox files
    Sorry, not your pics to have! Jump over to my insta for a sneak peak!.. Work photo shoot on the beach!
  7. Ubud Luxury Hotels / Ubud Rooms / Uma by Como
  8. Gallery / Jungle Retreat
  9. Father John Misty / I love you, honeybear
  10. Kitchen Warehouse newsletter unsubscribe
  11. Post a tweet on Twitter
  12. Share a link on twitter
  13. Race around Rottnest - Event Information
  14. another unsubscribe
  15. Email verification - Snapchat (or not verified as I seem to have just discovered!)
  16. About Us - The Whisky Order
  17. 2 bedroom accommodation - Dunsborough Beach Cottages
  19. Max Pittion eyewear
  20. Google: bachelor au 2015 final
  21. Aussie Farmers Direct
  22. Bunkers Beach Cafe // fun fact: want to win my heart, take me for breakfast
  23. Uber
  24. Timetable - Humming Puppy
  25. Google: 1980's Rapunzel Cartoon's+rapunzel+cartoon&client=safari&hl=en-au&prmd=iv&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAmoVChMIuYfNsNmoxwIVJOemCh1QPAWx&biw=375&bih=559 // it's the first one and a video I reenact with my grown-ass sister to this day (much to the annoyance of our husbands!)
  26. Your Christmas countdown 2015
  27. @wikiHow : 7 ways to care for your pet rock // Ok! Hand on heart.. I don't recall this. Though it's not unlike me. I might have been drunk. I may have been really sober. There really is no telling!
  28. Rottnest Island / Event Calendar
  29. 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling - The Oatmeal // Let's get one thing straight - I was showing a fellow spelling nerd friend. #fact