So Wait, Is Corinne Emotionally Intelligent Or Not?

one for The Bachelor fans and because a month on and I still can't think of EI the same way!
  1. Let me catch you up: contestants Taylor (a Masters graduate in something Mental Health related) suggested that Corinne (a multi-million dollar business owner) lacked Emotional Intelligence on this season of The Bachelor...
    Yeah Corinne, we know! That wasn't the statement!
  2. Classic Corinne. Classic Taylor. I had so much fun watching these two, until they ruined one of my fave areas of Psychology! So what is Emotional Intelligence (EI) and does Corinne (or Taylor, for that matter!) have it?
    Taylor and Corinne both exercising their Attitude Intelligence.
  3. Let's let science break it on down. Psychologist, John Mayer, a lead in the field of EI defines it below. Basically, Taylor was correct-ish in her definition and so she should if she has a Masters in the field. Her delivery, sadly, was off. What Taylor made up for in EI, she lacked in Personal Intelligence!
  4. Whoa! Hold up! John Mayer is a Psychologist?! Yeah, not that guy*. Let's move on!
    *though I wouldn't be surprised if @john just moonlit as an EI specialist when he wasn't touring.
  5. So wait, there is EI and PI? How many other intelligences are there? Well that depends on which theorist you subscribe to. Let's get back to Corinne!
  6. Is Corinne emotionally intelligent? You know, by that textbook definition above, you could almost say she is. Just not in the empathetic interpretation that Taylor was looking for. Corinne absolutely knows how to manipulate situations to her advantage, so it is very plausible that she was reading her Bachie sister's emotions and responding to them.
    ...just in a way that works to her advantage...which takes us into another diagnosis on the DSM-5 but we'll leave that for Taylor!
  7. So yeah, being EI doesn't mean one uses it for good! EI like all intelligence can work both ways. Well, at least that's my interpretation! Happy for you to come at me Taylor, I'm just an undergrad 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Taylor, I kid. I think we'd have a grand ol' time discussing EI. Truly.
  8. Yet really, and I totally know where Taylor was coming from with Corinne, and I get it was a seriously overwhelming experience for her and they probably edited her delivery. On face value, Corinne 'lacks EI'. Yet Taylor sadly mixed business with pleasure and shit got cray!
    I know, I know, sweetie. I actually really feel for her.
  9. So is Taylor emotionally intelligent? Look, I think she is. What Taylor was lacking was her Personal Intelligence which, imho, was blindsided by her hyper-sensitivity to the environment. PI is the introspection of personally relevant events and the way people react to you. This was one of the biggest criticisms she received was how 'she came off'.
    the other three key abilities of PI include the relationship of PI from a place of incorporating it interpersonally, using it intrapersonally (choices) and accurate self-direction (goals).
  10. At the end of the day, we will never really know. I mean, you can take a test to measure these things... and Taylor could have snuck these questions into the conversations... but now we'll never know!
    Ugh. Are we still talking about this?!
  11. Ahh, Corinne and Taylor. I do miss those two fabulous weirdos. I'd love to see the two of them high together. Maybe a spin-off?!
    suppppeeerrrr awkward vibes, ladies!
  12. Bonus question: how long until I can be in a lecture and hear 'emotional intelligence' without thinking this...