1. Lately I've been thinking about the differences in people who follow each other on social media.
  2. Those who follow and interact and those who follow and don't.
  3. The interesting side of this is when someone follows someone they either adore, fan-girl/guy over or crush for.
    The caveat being that if it's adoration/crushing that it is unrequited (which is usually the case). Fan-girling is obviously unrequited!
  4. My hypothesis is that there are more passive fans/crushees than there aren't (i.e., non-interactors)
    I'm rather observant both in life and online (reasonable) and I've been noticing things lately that lead me to believe this
  5. So I ran a poll on my twitter.
    Now, the sample isn't going to be huge, but my access to the fan-girl/guy population is vast! So I feel that it will be accurate.
  6. Results:
    Like I said, not a huge sample! Yet it still gives us a indication.
  7. Why this is so interesting is because it reveals so much about our internal processes. How we can like someone, devote time to their work and social media, to them as people, yet remain in the shadows just watching. Such an insight into the power of vulnerability.
  8. I can reveal that I am an 'interactor', yet even I have self-imposed limits of how much interaction I'll allow myself. I know this is also similar for other interactors.
    I suspect we all have different 'specific' reasons for these limitations, yet if we categorized these specific reasons more broadly, I dare say we'd find that our limitations are caused by similar emotional drivers.
  9. Challenge: so all you passive little crushers out there, I challenge you! Next time DM Your Crush Day rolls round (don't fear you've got half a year!), message them (or post to their twitter!)
    The worse that can happen is they ignore you! And you're already prepared for that 😉