Inspired by @andersun
  1. N of lists I discarded
    Not drafts, just wrote and deleted before publishing
  2. Ratio of male:female listers I followed
  3. N of listers who mentally liked my lists but didn't hit the ol' ❤️
    ...and reason why they didn't
  4. % of listers who ghost-followed me
    Separate venn diagram for ghosties who also crushed on me (see below)
  5. N listers who crushed on me
    Is that too presumptuous?! Fuck it. I'd wanna know if there were any!
  6. N of my selfies on this app
    I have a cringe-worthy feeling about that stat!
  7. N of flights I legit almost booked to meet listers
    You know who you are.
  8. N of listers who don't know where Perth actually is!
    Don't be a statistic! Look that shit up!
  9. N of times I was blocked
    ...and by whom. Ain't gonna be liked by all!
  10. N of lists I liked out of politeness or sheer friendship
    You all do it!!!
  11. N of listers who helped me with their words
    Bar chart of % across: lists, DMs, comments and off-list
  12. N of listers I helped with my words
  13. N of times @Lisa_Fav, @DawnCloud @LeahG tried to disown me
    Flagged if those times were because I snap chatted them from the shower/bath/naked-in-bed.
  14. N of time I hit refresh after posting a list AND time in minutes spent flicking across tabs waiting for a like
    Not so easy for us non-celebs.
  15. N of rereads after publishing a list
    Average N per list. Total N across all lists
  16. % of time @jeremysomething has spent regretting giving me his cell number
    😜 not sorry!
  17. N attempts at an outfits in motion photo/gif
    Average N times per one OIM picture. N times across all OIM pictures.
  18. N of times my lists were deemed tl;dr
    N of times if they liked it without reading
  19. N of times listers used their alters to follow me
  20. N of times @bjnovak almost hit that mf follow button on my profile