I do not possess the gene for a predisposition to Statistics! I do enjoy Stats though and put in the effort to understand it. Hence the nerdy subscriptions. (PS. please nominate this list for the most boring list category. I'm hopeful for a win!)
  1. Liew Seng Choy
    Choy was my 'first'! His channel is so much more than Stats (as you can see), mostly physics, math and solutions to common problems! I frequent it for the math/Stats. He helped me understand how to do my statistical workings in Excel for Mac! Ahhh, Choy. Bless.
  2. RStats Institute
    This is definitely a one stop shop for 'getting it'... Stats, that is! I use this as a guide for understanding calculations and using SPSS.
  3. how2stats
    I haven't taken much of a browse around this channel. I went in last night to demystify Kendall's tau. Need to finish watching this vid. Oh and yes, their tag line is in fact 'Statisticians do it better p<0.01' ... so dorky, I love it!