Summer is fast APPROACHING...these are some of my fondest ANTICIPATIONS of Summer 2017

Just a West Coast 🇦🇺 and I'm kinda looking forward to it! Summer 2017 come at me!
  1. finishing my first year of Uni and my @airbnb granny flat rental booming!
    Still yet to open the doors. It's happening.. by the end of August!
  2. Thailand. A girls trip with one of my loves from the States in Dec.
  3. ...then she's coming to hang in Perth for Christmas/New Year.
    Off • The • Chain • Excitement
  4. Christmas + New Year.. dress up parties, overnight boat trips to Rottnest, not working in retail << it's kinda a big deal!
  5. Hot, balmy nights, drinking beers, champagne, Pimms... watching outdoor theatre and movies..
    Perth has similar weather to SoCal. We have 2 weeks of 35-40C (100-110F, I think) in Feb .. I fucking love summer!
  6. Wearing my bikini.. I sorely miss being in a bathing suit on the daily..
  7. LOVE ..there is something about summer that just heightens love and that lovin' feeling.