@Wordforword83 and I are in fact the funniest people we know. We also talk A LOT of shit. We do this thing we were say something, laugh hysterically and hyperventilate saying, "take a note" and write down the line. Here they are, no context.
  1. Take us to the island, Chicken
  2. #womenofuganda
  3. #neverforgetChicken
  4. #specialcircumstances
  5. Monkey rape is a real thing
  6. Fucking monkeys
  7. Taming of the Gays
  8. Cocktail of maladaptions
  9. ManCamp™
  10. Deep throat the Danube
  11. Tributary situation
  12. Never underestimate someone who has a maladaption
  13. Who pops their cherry with a dildo?
  14. Inside skin? Is that like our pink bits?
  15. Puts in there like a Lego
  16. Ugh. Who brings a fringed purse to a wildlife park?!
  17. Double Js are retarded.
  18. I would evolve. I'd have to move east of the 5.
  19. #mouthfeel
  20. The 9th, it's a Monday for us.. 🤔 ...huh!.. and everyone else in the world!
  21. #waterboarding
  22. "Have you got something in your eye?" .. "yeah, emotion"
  23. [Fin.]
    Which auto correct ironically changed to fun! So much fun shared with Stephanie who just left. Also, seeing the end of 'take a note'.