Perusing my insta and came across photos from my last day working for retailer, lululemon athletica. It got me all nostalgic. I think I listed this on the day I left.. so technically this is kind of a [repeat] list.
  1. I worked for lululemon for 4.5 years. It was originally a 'stepping stone' job while I figured my life out! To be fair, it kind of worked out that way too. As far as stepping stones go, this far exceeded my expectation.
  2. You see, as a company, lululemon invests in its people's personal development/growth. Smart really and seldom exercised by large corporations. You really do develop a genuine love and loyalty to the group and the brand.
  3. Needless to say, my last day was emotional!
  4. Outside the store, I developed strong friendships with people in our community too! Like our retail neighbors: the butchers.
  5. The butchers of Reid's Meats are like all other butchers. They are candid, they are crass and they have happy hour on Saturdays at 4pm. This means they would sometimes come into the store and be inappropriate - as you might expect, I loved it.
  6. On my last day, they made me a bone sculpture made of animal carcass.. it is bottom/center in the collage below. Such a work of art. I was grateful, they were a little too proud. It made me laugh til I cried. I miss those guys.!
  7. ——————— 💛 ———————
  8. There is absolutely no doubt that my fellow 'lemons made each and every day enjoyable and rewarding. The relationships developed with a lululemon co-worker is like no other I've experienced.
  9. The thing is, the company pushes you to really work hard on developing 'self'. You are then encouraged to focus your development skills on 'others'. You tend to grow together and build trust in each other. The leadership is the most rewarding I've ever experienced.
  10. My lulu-loves range from outrageous-dance-party types, to chilled-beach-babe-surfer types, to Canadian-beauties, to so-what-we-like-a-plan Virgos, to fuck-we've-been-through-so-much-together besties. These are my babes.
    *they'll always be my babes. cc. @raechel @iswari ..and @courtneyjaderose despite not being in my 'last team'.
  11. ——————— 💛 ———————
  12. The women and men I worked with have all left an imprint on my heart. The women I worked with at my end, all got together and treated me with a 'leaving date'. They totally got me and our date was down at the beach.
  13. We had such a wild time. We had a sunset mermaid dip. We wore seaweed crowns. We chatted all things girly. We had a sunset picnic and ate fish and chips 🍤
  14. We took a bajillion selfies. We asked a stranger to take birds-eye photos of us. We laughed, I cried. I wondered if I was doing the right thing more than twice.
  15. ——————— 💛 ———————
  16. It's 6 months on.
  17. I love where I am.
  18. I have no regrets.
  19. I think so fondly of my lululemon family.
  20. It was an emotional day and I'd relive it if I had the chance. Feeling that level and abundance of love in one day are few and far between.
  21. 💛+🍋