I'm pretty sure this is a first for the brand, and frankly I'd like to see more @list sand-art with the northern hemisphere summer around the corner!..
  1. I'm a big kid at the beach; I frolick in the water and I play on the sand.
    I love doing dolphin (aka mermaid) dives and dips. Side note; I love snorkeling and scuba too. On sand, I love drawing and sculpting the sand.
  2. So on the weekend, with nothing much to accomplish, I went down to the sand to meditate and create.
    The first thing that came to mind, because my march madness list was, at that point, top of mind, was to build the TLA logo. Important to note; I'm a nerd like that #brandnerd?!
  3. I assayed the land, I needed height from the waves, but close enough for an emotive photo!..
    It's a fine line. The waves were large on the end of the set. I picked this spot
  4. Attempt one. I worked hard on this, but my method was all wrong. It was washed away before I could photograph it.
    Cathartic learnings.
  5. Attempt two. I found higher ground and established a perimeter around my art. No more waves to annihilate my efforts. Or so I thought.
    After I finished, *I brought down my protective fort, went to get my phone, as I came back the wave rolled in. *rookie error
  6. Attempt three. This attempt taught me about building on an already strong and established foundation. I used attempt two to create my kick-ass finished product!
    There is something in this. Build on your failures. Don't be a sucker and just give in. Get stronger!
  7. I was so proud and wanted to own my work. Presenting the first (until I'm corrected) TLA sand logo! #onbrand
  8. Things to know:
    I used only my hands .. squared edges are hard to achieve with no tools .. put sunscreen on .. wear a hat .. sand sculpturing can give you sand-burn on your knees (🙈) .. especially when you drink some beers and follow up with a 'drunk in love' routine .. my poor knees!
  9. 💛+🏖