1. the smell of rain soaked bitumen on a hot day
  2. my nieces relentless enthusiasm
  3. the sunset over the ocean
  4. the perfect brew of coffee
  5. being in track pants, no make up
  6. the effect a great song (piece of music) has on my soul
  7. the effect a great prose (piece of literature) has on my mind
  8. feeling loved
  9. my dogs kisses in the morning.
  10. when my family banter
  11. seeing people enjoy their work, it makes me smile wide
  12. a simple glass of champagne
  13. someone not afraid to exercise their talent or intelligence
  14. the feeling of the sand between my toes at the beach
  15. blowing bubbles in an underwater cave and watching their mercury-like form move
  16. the time I saw the northern lights by surprise
  17. when my husband hands me an afternoon beverage and says, "for you, Beautiful"
  18. when my friends trust me with their vulnerability
  19. making connections with people; familiar or strangers
  20. yoga
  21. when my nephews ask random questions which show they care
  22. surprising someone with generosity of any form
  23. beach camping and witnessing the majesty of the milky way
  24. being in choice
  25. the Himalayas .. and it's people
  26. the ritual that is flying abroad.. flying fills me with joy (even the return trip!)
  27. when a stranger gives you side eye and then smiles
  28. taking a shower
  29. falling into a 5 star hotel bed, all that goose down!
  30. dancing in my kitchen, preferably Bey-style, though Contemporary fills me with joy too
  31. [and so many, many more things]
  32. [i'm actually struggling to hit next..!]