Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. I'm a nerd for psychology.
    Which is great because I chose it as a double major, I chose it as a subject to study for the rest of my life and because my tertiary outlay could otherwise buy me 30 LA-based List App meet ups!
  2. I learned that I am crushing over intellect.
    I have to be careful to not be an asshole about it.
  3. I have learned the psychological theories behind some of my more prevailing behaviours
    Solomon's B-Process theory.
  4. I have fostered a deep respect for the original people of this land.
    The aboriginal people of Australia have the oldest documented culture in the world. They have lived on our land for 40000 years. They are truly remarkable.
  5. Two of our university cafe's stock my favourite doughnuts on Wednesday (yep, that's tomorrow!.. colour me excited AF).
    This is true heaven for me.
  6. That I'm actually a pretty decent writer when I put my heart + mind into it!
  7. That I want to study the brain.. thinking cognitive behavioral psychology ... or cognitive musical psychology.
    Either way, there is cognition involved!
  8. I learned that school-based learning is super cool and not out of my league!
  9. 💛+🤓