This is how it all begins...
  1. it pops up in my thoughts on the regular.
    I usually dismiss it for a while...
  2. I google what is required
    Just to entertain the persistent thought
  3. I realize that though there would be some decent hurdles, all in all, it's not impossible.
    this, in my experience, is the point of conception.
  4. I give it meaning/purpose
    You know, like, do it in my 40th year, wouldn't that be the most perfect gift to myself
  5. I think about the resources I'd need, and if I have any contacts already
    Like, my friend Mara who is a run coach for international marathons.
  6. I google check details again, like qualifying times and other prerequisites
    And work out I'm a minute and a bit off my required pace (despite knowing I'd need to sustain that for 41.2 more kilometers than I currently am.
  7. I float the 'absurd' idea/goal with family for shits-n-giggles
    And secure my financing for the flights!! Ha! Way-to-go, mum!
  8. Day-dream about returning to Boston.
    Even if it is for a hellish 3 hours of pavement pounding hell. The daydreams are of the post race beers, not the run!
  9. Look myself in the mirror, and ask myself, "are you seriously going to do this?"
    And respond, "maybe, I'm not sure yet"
  10. Walk away, knowing the seed has been planted.
    Wait to see if it takes.
  11. 🌱+ 🏃🏻‍♀️