Created by Kanye, Inspired by @Z. Opinions expressed in this piece are all my own. Kanye did not pay me to speak so highly of him.
  1. Fade
    This song is like one long series of body rolls and hip shakes. Great beat. It might make it to my boneland mix.
  2. Feedback
    That line!😂 Ayy, y'all heard about the good news?.. You had a good snooze?! Snooze.. Kaan, you're killing me!
  3. Ultralight Beam
    Well put me in a gospel smock. 🙌🏼 ...this is liturgical meets club. 'flame' hands, grinding hips. (If ever you've been in or witnessed a liturgical dance, you'll know flame hands!)
  4. Father Stretch my Hands, pt1
    That kind of top down song you chill to down the freeway doing 'wave hands' out the window and then the line about bleached assholes comes on and you're like, Kanye, wtf brother?!
  5. FML
    I love FML.. It's a whole package Kanye song for me! Very raw.. for ol' Kaan.
  6. Real friends
    This song!.. 😂 ...that line about paying out $250k for his laptop after his cousin stole it! It's kinda a lonely song. Poor Kaan.
  7. Highlights
    This is like the group sway left, click, sway right, click song! A vibey song. I dig it.. Yeeze sounds a little anxious, though.
  8. Siiiiiiiiiilver Surffffffeeeeerrrrrr Intermission
    This dude. All of that.
  9. Freestyle 4
    Too dark for me, but totally one of those tracks used on So You Think You Can Dance (minus the prolific use of fuck). So, paired with some awesome choreo, I'd probably get right into that shit.
  10. Famous
    A Rhi-rhi opening and then Tay-Tay fucking reference?!... this song is way too cool for me! I aspire to this song!
  11. Pt. 2
  12. Waves
    My fave on the album.. that opening verse.. Wow Kanye!.. Sun don't shine in the shade.. Oh my, you had me at 'fits right'. Love love this tune. So emotive. No lie. 😍 *sway* ...straight to boneland mix.
  13. Frank's Track
  14. I Love Kanye
    YES KANYE 🙌🏼 much Kanye! That chuckle at the end! Oh, Kanye!
  15. Wolves
    That hauntingly beautiful background vocal.. amazing! I enjoy this song.. I get into it. The Mary/Joseph/Club analogy. Deep. Shout out to our home girl, Sia.
  16. 30 Hours
    All veggies no eggs. Me and the wifey make a movie. These lyrics. Kaans, you're special. You be trippin', son!.. and then Gabe calls! Wtf?!
  17. Facts (Charlie Heat Version)
    The kind of song my Dad would say, "oh I like this one, leave it ..... wtf is this shit?!" .. yeah, I know Dad.. pause. Goes to room puts it on and grinds like a dirty ...... 😏
  18. Low Light
    I just picture First Lady Underwood during this one 😏
  19. No More Parties In L.A.
    This is one of those too many drinks, a handful of peeps left, a couple in the corner dry fucking, shit's winding down, can only muster a head nod bc you're a little too intoxicated for much more type songs.
  20. referenced by my Spotify, which I believe means I missed some tracks?? Feel free to send me a full signed copy Kaans.
  21. ✌🏼️+ 🎤