Alt title: Standing Spoons // I sincerely believe my dreams are instructing me to get into writing fiction.
  1. "Since she hugged me (repeatedly), I'm going to suggest that Aunty never got the 'PDA setup' memo", I jested to myself. Such a warm welcome and I just wanted to stay in the kitchen where the love was free flowing.
  2. You escape to the backyard where the rest were already jovially reaching into the cooler for beers. I hang back as both out of respect to the ladies in the kitchen preparing lunch and also because that's where Aunty is dishing out free hugs and "I love her" comments whilst squeezing me to her cheek.
  3. After a few minutes, I was encouraged to join you. Being assured that my help wasn't required. Almost immediately I felt the difference. There was a tension unlike what I experienced in the house. I sense the family were surprised to see me. I was acutely conscious of the PDA rule. So I took your side, careful not to touch you.
  4. After some awkward silence and a few lean in, hand shake introductions leading to no where, I wondered if I could recycle a joke. It's not really recycling if the first time you performed it was in your head, right? You handed me a beer at the same time. This was going to go only one of two ways!
  5. I gestured with the beer, "So, no one gave Aunty the PDA setup talk", I said half to you and and half to a few curious faces. It was a tense micro-pause and I was ready to exit stage left. You smiled, they laughed knowingly and someone called me by name to ask me a question about how we met. I instantly relax.
  6. It was only when I turned a little to address my questioner that I realized you slipped your hand onto the small of my back. Before proceeding to answer with the rather unorthodox reply to their question, I looked to you and smiled. One that could only be interpreted as absolute gratitude. You were breaking your own rules for me.
  7. A few minutes into the interesting story, you interjected twice. The first was to clarify a moment in time (according to you!) and the second was to slide your hand from my back to my hip. At this point I was acutely aware of the cacophony of happiness in the yard.
  8. I placed my left hand on yours for a few seconds. Just enough for you to abolish the setup. You slide your hand across my hips below my belly button as you pull me in front of you. Standing spoons. It felt so good. It felt so easy. It felt so right. You knew it too.
  9. I look behind my shoulder at you. You're smiling wryly, yet with a peace and a joy I had yet to witness. You weren't at all dismissive. The sun hit your face and you had a radiance to match the emotions you emanated. I couldn't control my self so I reached my head back and kissed your neck and whispered "thank you".
  10. I turned back around, all were engaged and I felt at home. You now had both hands clasped around me loosely (whilst maintaining a grip on your beer) and you rested your head on my shoulder for a moment. You whispered, "hey". I turned slightly, you kissed me, and motioned my attention back to the family like no big deal.
  11. Static
    for imagery's sake.