Inspired by @ListPrompts .. Also inspired by past and recent events
  1. my fave beach
  2. picnic set up in the pre-dunes
    nothing too fancy
  3. some activity; walking, frolicking in the water, diving, sup'ing
    Anything to let out the natural playfulness in my date .. and opportunity for my flirty behaviour to peak 😏
  4. Dry off, clean up, recline
    By now it's sunset :)
  5. Pop my champagne, you're welcome to drink whatever you please
  6. Eat + Drink
    Whatever food we/you managed to pack. It's only a filler to ensure I don't get shit-faced on my champagne :)
  7. Endless banter about anything from the ridiculous to the intellectual
    I love my conversation to have no boundary. If you look coy (and I will see it!), I'll probe your thoughts till you tell me your darkest and most intimate secrets.
  8. If the chemistry is right, and just the right amount of 'accidental' leg brushes have occurred, things will get a little NSFW.
    If not, the conversation will continue till I get mauled by mosquitos and then I'll call it a night :) ... OR, if there is no chemistry but the playfulness is off the charts, skip to skinny dip option!
  9. More champagne
  10. It's now dark, the stars are bright and the opportunity for a skinny dip just presented itself!
    Like life; strip it bare and dive the fuck in!
  11. However that ended; back to the picnic rug for a sleep on the beach in the arms of my new love affair, back to 'the house' for a bender of drinking OR a pleasant farewell :)