Inspired by @ListPrompts ... quite a few prompts ago! I ♥️ a good road trip, so naturally wanted to create this list.
  1. The kind you have a playlist for. One you carefully crafted for this trip, or one you keep for long drives.
  2. A long drive. The longer the better.
  3. The promise of fresh salty sea air waiting at the destination. The perfect road trip ends at the beach.
  4. As a passenger: shoes off, feet on dash.
  5. As a driver: shoes off, feet not on dash!
  6. Snacks at the ready; the perfect balance between salty and sweet. Ie, beef jerky and some form of chocolate.. maybe like a trail mix of nuts or chips.. or both.. and the promise of fast food along the way.
  7. Not too many bathroom breaks. Manage it.
  8. Dancing. There has to be car seat dancing.
  9. As a passenger: I'll probably sleep for a bit.
  10. As a driver: I'll enjoy seeing you sleep for a bit.
  11. A shit ton of silliness. One thing you need to know, is that I'm extremely playful, as are my road trips.
  12. Oh!.. and the perfect road trip buddy by your side.
  13. Spontaneity. There has to be dose of that on the trip.. the road trip must be carefree.