a continuation from Waking Up.
  1. He came to. The thud of a young bird taking flight into his window woke him from his subconscious state.
  2. He had fallen into a trance. A day-dream about Her.
  3. A lonesome man. Not alone, not lonely, only lonesome in that quiet sense. He looked over the expanse of the city beneath him.
  4. Staring over the pages of a manuscript. Ideas like a jigsaw from dreams he has had jotted in inky abandon.
  5. Dreams of a girl. A gregarious, wide eyed girl. Of playful nature and maturity of wisdom.
  6. Busy and calculated. The minutes are precise for the Stranger. He needed to capture these thoughts before the next task.
  7. Taking a sip from his now cold coffee. He took pause to write down the takings from this visit with Her.
  8. The beginning and the end unclear, the striking middle played on repeat
  9. He recollects looking over his shoulder to see her standing there. Full of inquisition and want. The beauty emanating inside out was warming to his soul.
  10. A distance insisted. He could not allow himself to be fully disclosed. Enjoying the attention felt too indulgent to him.
  11. She was a lady of such child-like sensibility. Yet a woman in every sense. Her whimsical beauty ever arousing.
  12. Via his mind he had already gotten too close.
  13. He put his pen down.