It's crunch time guys.. end of (my first) year exams. ICYMI.. I'm in my first year of a psych double major (undergrad). So yeah.. 5 days and my study year is done. This is my list of exams:
  1. Monday: [Linguistics] While you're all seeing out the remaining hours of Sunday (or dealing with your sub-clinical Mondayitis), I'll be in 2 hours of silence issuing a page with all I recall about cross-cultural linguistics.
    This unit was rad. I actually am in the process of changing from BA to BSc so I can do more linguistics! The exam will suck because it's mainly all short answer essays but hey!.. wish me luck and send me all the nerdy vibes.
  2. Tuesday: [Psychology] We covered a lot this semester from personality, to intelligence, to health and well being (aka stress), to psych disorders and their treatments.. ahh, cultural awareness.. language acquisition, lifetime development..
    Fortunately, this exam is 100% multiple choice and relies only on my recognition memory. I got a 73% on my mock exam, so I'll cram on Monday afternoon and I should be able to get into HD territory (I hope!)
  3. Wednesday: [Math Fundamentals] I took math (my most loathed subject) for two reasons: transfer to BSc from Arts and because Psych has a shit-ton of Stats I'll need to ace in the next two years.
    I have the best tutor. She's my friend and all-round cool girl. We have so much fun and she has actually turned this full-out hater of math into someone who enjoys the puzzles and patterns of this crazy little subject. I'm low-key confident for the 2 hour exam.
  4. If you're in the mood to project nerdy, +ve vibes my way from Sunday - Wednesday, I'll gratefully receive them.
  5. 🤓+💛