A walking tour of my university (Crawley campus), minus a few faculties. All photos are my own.
  1. Static
    welcome to the University of Western Australia
  2. Local
    the student highway..
  3. Static
    Winthrop Hall - currently hosting Perth's largest charity book sale.
  4. Static
    Winthrop's Reflection Pool
  5. Static
    this beautiful giant is called a Morton Bay Fig tree.
  6. Static
    The back western wing of Winthrop Hall.
  7. Static
    The back eastern wing of Winthrop Hall.
  8. Static
    The Sunken (aka Secret) Garden.
  9. Static
    the Geology/Geography building.. which is possibly my favourite.
  10. Local
    ...it is like a building out of Shakespeare.
  11. Static
    Next door is the Physics building, and this delightful tile art-work.
  12. Static
    Reid Library ..aka the Arts Library. I am currently in love with Level 3..
  13. Local
    for the silence and all these sexy hardcovers.
  14. Static
    The entrance to the Arts buildings, outdoor theatre and our three loved peacocks.
  15. Static
    I couldn't find the peacocks today, so here is a photo from last week.
  16. Static
    the Alumni (mansion) Building.. and the Quidditch pitch in the foreground.
  17. Static
    the Law Buildings
  18. Local
    Oak Lawn is the home of many lunch picnics, impromptu debates, uni club meet ups and food vans!
  19. Local
    One of the Psychology buildings, and Science Street.
  20. Static
    Nelson Mandela inspired art-work
  21. Static
    The Barry J Marshall library (aka the Science library) feat. the Catalyst cafe where I get my Wednesday donuts and any-day bibimbap.
  22. Static
    The greenhouses that belong to our Biology faculty.
  23. Static
    This is Macca, she is our pig.. She lives at the child-care centre. She was bought as a 'tea cup' pig a long time ago.. she ain't no tea cup, but she is beautiful and we feed her apples.
  24. Static
    The Sanders Building. Home of my Psychology labs.
  25. Static
    The Engineering Building.
  26. Static
    I am enchanted by this quaint little building overlooking James Oval.
  27. Static
    The Reflection Pool and in the background, my favourite of the cafés, Hackett Cafe.
  28. Static
    Seek Wisdom. Always.
  29. I missed so many great spots on campus.. it truly is a wonderful school. Come visit me and I'll give you the tour, including a stop by the Tav for a beer! The Guild discount is on me! ;)