Aka: that was way too cool for me and that totally happened!
  1. Evening paddleboard with an ex pro and circuit surfer, curry van dinner eaten off her board, whilst the full moon rose over the horizon and a night board back. I kept thinking to myself, "is this real? Are you even cool enough for this?!" Raddest experience of my life to date.
    All whilst a 4 meter Great White combed the area (we learnt the next day). We boarded within a shark net so all was chill. We were fine.
  2. I had an internship at my favorite indie music label in New York City + I got a scholarship to pay the travel and live there for 4 months. I lived in a loft in Brooklyn that doubled as a music venue and studio with 3 musicians. I went to music shows in bars and various awesome venues 3/4 times a week.
    The whole time felt amazing but really too cool for me, that little 24 year old French girl.
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