I'm pretty happy-go-lucky but hey, I too have fuck my life moments. Here they are!
  1. Unnecessarily having a conversation interrupted.
    There is more to this, but I'm classy so I'll leave it there.
  2. The suspected cum stain not coming out of the doona cover of my airbnb's linen. Look, it might not be that, buttttt...
    And having to iron that goddamn doona (duvet) every bloody time! I hate ironing!
  3. A 5-min break in a two hour lecture. Hardly seems worth it. Leg stretch, drink of water: 30 secs is all we need. Power on, kids!
  4. Somehow bleach got into my washing machine and now the sheets and towels of the Airbnb have a tie-dye feature on them 😩
    Guess who is off to KMart and IKEA this week!
  5. Anguish. Ugh, dreaded anguish keeps knock-n-running at my door.
  6. When someone communicates with a 'hey, this is my fave song at the moment'. The song is their hurt feelings. Ugh.
    I get it. But ugh.
  7. All y'all motherfuckers tweeting about The Bachelor and my inability to see it until tonight.
    Ok, it's not necessarily you guys, and no, it won't kill me to stay off twitter for a day! 😏
  8. The fact that I've racked this sizable list and it's only Tuesday.