Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. "Go to sleep"
  2. "I'm trying"
  3. "Why am I so fucking wired? I'm exhausted. This makes no sense"
  4. "Check your list app"
  5. *refresh* timeline
  6. *refresh* updates
  7. "Oooh @bjnovak has commented on something" *checks list*
  8. "Now this is a fucking cool list" *💾* ❤️*
  9. "Ok, that was fun, now go to sleep"
  10. .......
  11. "Nope, what the actual fuck?"
  12. "Was it working later than usual?"
  13. "Must be the Coke I drank"
    Mistake and I rarely drink Coke .. currently still blaming the Coke.
  14. "Ugh, this is so annoying. I know, LP created a list the other day about shit thoughts that keep you awake {paraphrasing} .. I'll do that"
  15. "No, just take a melatonin and go to sleep"
  16. "It'll be a quick list"
  17. *starts writing list*
  18. ....
  19. *snapchat notification*
  20. "Fuck that's loud" *husband stirs*
  21. *still writing list*
  22. *takes melatonin*
  23. "Good night @list 😘
  24. *publish*