Two lists for the price of one. And, are thoughts ever really random? I mean something triggers something, that triggers something, that... [edit: changed to 'thoughts' bc they're seldom random!]
  1. Is avocado toast still a cliche choice?
    random thought
  2. The only Melissa McCarthy role I rate was Margaret in The Nines.
    unpopular opinion
  3. farmers markets are ironically wanky and pretentious. I still love them though.
    random + unpopular (maybe, idk!)
  4. Do fans change their opinions and preferences based on what their celeb idols/crushes say/do? If so, like every time? Also, why?
    random thought.
  5. Imagine if we never develop the function to stop ourselves from crying
    random thought (well, not so random)
  6. I wonder how many communities/groups there are? How many listers are a part of more than one of these groupings?
    random thought (and yes, the majority of my random thoughts are questions)
  7. wondering the correlation between my level of self-respect and wearing the same sports bra 5 days in a row.
    random thought
  8. I've 'spoken' more online than words actually exiting my mouth irl today. Ha! Legit.
    random thought
  9. do partners of people with DID have a preferred alter? Can you manipulate that situation to 'bring on' that alter?
    random thought [whilst thinking about that show United States of Tara (miss that show)]
  10. I totally missed my 10 yr anniversary of not taking a contraception. Ten years? No wonder I'm like "IUD what?.. come again"
    really random thought + yes, I made a joke!
  11. mirror selfies aren't real selfies
    unpopular opinion (by a selfie-purist)
  12. I wonder if my stalker ghost followers know I see them when I post an IG story.
    random thought
  13. there is an entire generation of listers that are unaware of @magic's voice record lists. Y'all missed out.
    random-ish thought.
  14. functioning psychopaths can make you feel psychotic.
    random thought, or is it? Maybe unpopular, idk.
  15. There needs to be an app which stores all your favourite blogs. Like, the blog library or something.
    random thought.
  16. Who needs real kids when in say, 10 years we can have AI kids.
    random thought + potentially unpopular opinion 😬 don't @ me. Or do. Idc
  17. If I were to remarry>have a wedding, I'd have snack goodie bags for the guests: mini lime glazed donuts and garlic salt pretzels.
    But we all know I'm pro elope bc do you all know what kind of honeymoon you can get for the cost of a wedding?! 😏 ...oh, and random thought (after seeing an insta of my fave donut)
  18. unicorn culture. PASS.
    unpopular opinion. (Unless you're my 6 yo niece)
  19. I want to give Britney a make-under. She has so much potential natural beauty it kills me.
    Idk if this is random or unpopular. Eh. And don't @ me negs be I love Britney, bitch! I just wanna make-under her.
  20. When strippers take their clothes off at the end of a day, do they capitalize that time by practicing their body rolls, back arches and booty drops?
    random-ish thought whilst getting undressed while Closer played in the bg.
  21. When people's snap-story photos are set to infinity time and you wonder who was the last person to receive a pic from them and what it was of that needed infinity time! 😏
  22. Where did I get this primal, guttural groan from when I don't get what I want? I just did it and I'm like, "I do that, but where did it come from? Why do I do that? Is it my form of a tantrum?"
  23. of all the listers to make an outfits in motion list, the one I want to see most would be that of Miss @mindy!
    Mostly to live vicariously through her amazing wardrobe!
  24. It would be nice if google had an algorithm that prioritized my favourite cooking blogs when I type "poached pears recipe".
    IDGAF about some hick over-commercialized blog with shit photos. I want *my* faves!
  25. How on earth do scientists get monkeys to fix their gaze on a focal/fixation point for an experiment?
    Are monkeys that intelligent/obedient? Do they have a mechanism they strap their heads into? But they could still move their eyes if the wanted to... or paralysis eye drops?! Do they even exist? Ugh. I need to know!
  26. tie clips are essential.
    end of story, no argument.
  27. Beyoncé covers by indie bands are better than the originals.
    Unpopular opinion of which I'm likely to get burned on a stake for!
  28. Why do tissue boxes have to be so ugly?
    Can't they style them a little, or better still, just make the boxes white, or black?
  29. the trick to Spring tanning is to not set your tan lines... small bouts of bikini tanning but not enough to get the lines. Then when it's warm enough, time for a couple rounds of sun-lovin nudey tans and voila, perfect coverage!
    Always use sun protection, those UV/UVBs are (ultra) violent little fuckers.