Ugh. Damn spell check. Capitalise.
  1. I'm torn on the caps debate.
  2. I never was one for caps. Initially, all the titles seemed to have a real aggression to them.
  3. Then I became accustomed to them.
  4. Then, we were given choice!
  5. Choice is powerful.
    More so than we give it credit.
  6. But relax, the choice of caps or no caps is not likely to kill us.
    I hope!
  7. But it still is an interesting point about choice!
  8. Are you pro-CAP's because you've always been?
    Vice versa for no caps.
  9. Are you pro-CAP's because you like to defiantly buck trends. Ain't nobody gonna tell me I can't use CAPs.
    Vice versa for no caps.
  10. If no one we're watching, what would you choose?!