Just some info on yoga.. you know, if it's not your thing! πŸ˜‰ if it is your thing, then you know all this.. namaste πŸ™πŸΌ
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    Yoga is a lifestyle and Asana is the movement part
    Yoga is the word very broadly used to describe the postures (poses) and sequence of movement, which is actually called Asana. All in all, yoga is much more than the movement, but hey, practicing any part of yoga is a very good thing.
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    Asana practice (let's just call it yoga!) has many benefits..
    Broadly those benefits are for a healthy body, mind and soul..
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    All teachers are not equal
    Yoga teachers come from a very many different background, lineage, teaching and motivation. They also, like all things, have varying degrees of attention and skill to their profession. Advice: shop around for YOUR teacher :)
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    Which yoga is for me?!
    The best thing to do before you include yoga into your weekly routine is to get clear on what you want from it.. choose accordingly.
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    What is it I want from yoga?
    You may want strength, you may want a cardio work-out, you may want flexibility, you may want to be able to tell your friends "omg, I am totally doing hip-hop yoga on 42nd and it's insane!", you may just want to relax for 75 minutes and forget your responsibilities for a while.. Oh, you may want a 6-pack and killer biceps and a thigh gap (all possible with yoga) ☺️
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    Yoga for your body..
    Either for strength, flexibility or tone, I'd choose an Ashtanga or Vinyasa style asana practice. This is also a long-play game. Achieving results in these areas takes time and consistency and attention to skill. // If cardio is more your game, find a Power Vinyasa class (and if you're truly nuts, which some times I am) go to a heated class! Power Vinyasa will still give you the above benefits too!
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    Yoga for your mind..
    Ahhh, need to calm your rampant imagination and create a health system from the inside out?! Yeah, I know the feeling.. Then Yin yoga is your game. Hydration is key, so get some H2O into you before and after class.
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    Yoga for the soul..
    Choose a yoga rooted in spirituality or faith. Shop around. Yoga classes these days are mostly focused on the asana practice, yet there are still some fantastic places that take you on a spiritual journey at the same time.. and relatable ones, like my friends up at Laughing Lotus in NYC #cosmichollers to you shining beings βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌβœŒπŸΌοΈβœ¨
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    All the omming and the chanting though!
    Ok, unless it's a chanting class, omming and chanting are not usually compulsory! You can do it silently, in your mind or not at all. Skip that part, unless you're required to do it.. this is why meeting the teacher first is so important!!
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    If you've ever tried it and it wasn't "for you", consider this, I'm not one for a straight up bolognese spaghetti (this is a fact), I do however love a great white wine based pasta, or ravioli, or gnocchi .. sometimes you need to try things more than once and different types of seemingly the same thing.
    Choose according to your desires
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    I also don't enjoy marinara, but when my uncle cooks it, it's a totally different story!
    Choose your provider carefully
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    How did this turn to food?!.. Which leads me to tell you best not to practice asana on a full tummy!
    This is not like the 'don't eat 30 minutes before swimming' rule, this is legit. There are some asana that work the digestive track.. I'll leave it there :)
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    Namaste πŸ™πŸΌ
    Which simply means: the light in me see's the light in you. It's a greeting that loosely (as in my meaning) translates to "hey human, I'm human too, I respect that in you" .. πŸ™πŸΌ