1. Woken by a false-alarm smoke alarm blaring at 5am — fell back to sleep
  2. Woken by the sound of a rapid gun fire emanating from my living room — nephew awake and playing PlayStation.
  3. Pulled myself together — mixed my nespresso Christmas flavours (gotta live on the edge)
  4. Gathered up nephew and dog, went to the beach — wore out dog, did not wear out nephew. Incidentally had a great time with those two little loves.
  5. Nephew suggested he thought I was under thirty — could not wrap his head around the fact that I'm onto my third passport. Thanked him. My passport was not at the post office yet.
    highlight of my day, hence it made the list!
  6. Did a meal plan to the sound of rapid gun fire. Went to shops with the child — bought $263.92 worth of groceries. Bought the kid three treats: noodles, pizza shapes, and a pepperoni stick.
  7. Want to listen to some music on the sonos, wifi still not working — may have used the c word in front of my nephew. I'm not perfect.
  8. Made him 2-minute noodles because he swears he has never tried them — sense he is lying.
  9. Put away $263.92 worth of groceries — I wish there was someone who offered this services as a part of the shopping experience.
  10. About to make red velvet cake, about to prep dinner, about to lay in my hammock and dream of next Saturday (Phuket girls trip).
  11. What ya' doin?!