Inspired by @jeremysomething
  1. 3am: woken by a philosophy dream about modus ponens. Confused as to why.
  2. 7am: woke to my first alarm chime.
  3. 7:09am: woke to my second alarm chime.
  4. 7:18am: woke to my third alarm chime. Hit snooze again.
  5. 7:20am: feeling serene, I checked my notifications.
  6. 7:40am: got up, made coffee, fed dog, snapped with @LeahG
  7. 7:50am: brought coffee to husband, who announced he had a headache and was nauseous
  8. 8am: establish that we are not going to his sister's for Father's Day. Not unhappy about this (as I have a lot of uni assignments piling up)
  9. 8:05am: at my desk finishing my philosophy problem set.
  10. 8:15am: dawns on me that 'modus ponens' was a clue to the problem I was stuck on. I finally had one of 'those' dreams.
  11. 8:50am: post an insta pic of my dad for Father's Day.. feels weird, but he inspires me so I go with it.
  12. 9:30am: heat up chicken soup for both of us for breakfast. It was unusually satisfying. He holds it down, then goes to bed.
  13. 10am: had a shower, wash my hair.. which was a tough call because it was mank on top, but had a beautiful curl and shine at the ends.
  14. 10:20am: dried my hair, low-knotted it to try and get that curl back.
  15. 10:45am: see a post notif from @jeremysomething .. read the list .. was into it.. long pressed title
  16. ...and here we are!
  17. 11am onwards: more study, a bit of dicking around, probably go to the general store and pick up something for dinner.
  18. ✌🏼️💙