Sitting on my ass, drinking coffee and listening to Mayer (for a ranking list of his new album) ... need to get shit done today. Let's hope this motivates me.
  1. Run
    Or at least walk my dog.
  2. Measure up my cottage for a print I'm commissioning ✔️
    Ok, that's a bit wankerish... it's partly true. I'm getting a photo printed from my photographer friend and she needs measurements
  3. Buy an AC and TV for the cottage ✔️
    Edit: ugh, the amount I dropped on those could have afforded me a return trip to see @Lisa_Fav and @DawnCloud 😩
  4. Clean my house ✔️
  5. Put clothes on. ✔️
    [This list is not chronological, that thought just came to me. I mean I'm not naked, but I do need to get ready] EDIT: smashing this list!!
  6. Read an article on neuroplasticity that I've been meaning to read for months. ✔️ << it's a book! This *might* get started today.
    Wait, is it an article or book? Hmm. Shit. Better look it up.
  7. Write a welcome/things-to-know booklet for the cottage.
  8. Confirm movie plans with my gf. ✔️
    Edit: TIX BOOKED!! It's outdoor cinema weather and I'm fully down for this kind of evening.
  9. Write my 'Search For Everything: Wave One, Ranked' list. ✔️
    I'll warn you. It's taken me since release to be ok sharing my thoughts. They aren't all serotonin overflowy.
  10. Make dinner. ✔️
    Turkey San Choy Bau (in case you're looking for inspiration) / Edit: tastes amazing.
  11. Book flights to Adelaide.
    Fuck today's expensive. Ugh. Contrary to reputation, I actually don't enjoy spending money, I'm naturally kinda frugal.
  12. Buy some Nespresso pods ✖️ >> move to tomorrow's to-do list.
  13. Take a long shower at some point. Maybe now. Also maybe later. ✔️
    Kind of just wasted water.. my phone hand didn't even get wet. Will need a proper shower later.
  14. ✌🏼💛