1. two coffees
    one after the other.
  2. toasted bagel with cream cheese
  3. a Turkish Delight mini egg.
  4. an apple
  5. half-ingredient chicken Caesar Salad
    as in: cos lettuce, chicken, Parmesan cheese, a tiny bit of Ranch (which was out of date but I think it'll be ok! I hope!)
  6. Water
    Been on the constant hydrate today.
  7. a Creme Egg mini egg.
  8. cup of English breakfast tea
    white with a little sugar
  9. a handful of sea salt chips.
    Red Rock Deli brand.
  10. partial-ingredient variation of a Nasi Goreng and a cranberry juice
    I really need to go shopping!
  11. an old fashioned
    whiskey cocktail (with peel, not cherries)