I often get asked this question, and as a host, here are my top 3...
  1. [Value Our Time!] We're not a hotel with a 24 hour check in/concierge services. We're people like you, opening our home to strangers. If you agree on a time, honour that and know that we have plans (or a job!) either side of that time.
    We love you, and chill when plans change, yet you'll make us super happy if you consider this 😚 and are proactive with resetting plans when needed.
  2. [Tidy, but don't clean!] This may just be me, but when you check out, i'mma gonna gut the place and clean it all again! Yep, nothin' but cleanliness at my abode. So, on this point, keep my place tidy, but no need to wash the dishes because I know when you do and I re-clean everything.
    A note on cleanliness to my shagalicious friends: here's the thing, I do the laundry! Please take care with your, hmmm, well, aim. Got it? Great! Maybe get kinky and use the shower, not that that's kinky at all, but tiles are easier to clean and shower shags are fun ;)
  3. [Communicate!] Most hosts are super reasonable if they know your plans. So, if you want an earlier check in, maybe don't leave it to last minute to ask. Read our inclusions carefully, ask if there is something you absolutely need, so we can best accommodate you. In general, let's talk! We want you to have a great time.
    On feedback: please be constructive in the private section of the rating/review system. Our reviews are everything to us. Best still, bring up any complaints or suggestions directly with us while you are at our place. We might be able to solve your problem on the spot!