inspired by my current 6 hour commute east of Perth!
  1. scenery
    No matter my intention, I'll always end up spending hours staring out the window. I've traveled by train in most of the countries I've visited and this is by far the top reason!
  2. the leg room
    I'm not tall by any stretch (!), but in economy travel by air I am always cramped. Not on trains!! So much room! I appreciate that and so do my long legs!
  3. the staff
    Idk what it is, I generally find train hostesses more down to earth. Maybe it's the regional thing?
  4. the buffet carriage
    Ok, the food is seldom good, yet there is something about going up to that little canteen that I find so novel. Maybe getting sweets you had as a child?!
  5. The novel things!
    Walking between carriages, trying to stay upright whilst walking between carriages, people are generally friendlier on trains, trying to not fall whilst peeing (yes, even seated can be a challenge!). Having power points for your devices!