I saw a post this morning (not on here) and it was vile. In a nutshell it reminded me of growing up feeling 'ugly' and I was not ok with that shit being in the world.
  1. I was not a cute kid, despite the protest of one aunt and one uncle. Who just so happen to (still) be my faves (validation!).
  2. I was awkward and my features all developed at random times! Maybe a product of those Alpine genetics.
  3. I was skinny af. I recall it 'becoming a problem' and needing to go on protein shakes in my primary school years. Let me assure you, protein shakes have come a long way since the 80s.
  4. My hair was neither straight, nor curly, nor wavy. It just had kinks through it. My eyes were big.. like adult big. My teeth didn't grow out straight and I had an extra one that became known as 'fang'. Oh, I was nearly blind (one eye turned inwards) and had glasses.
  5. Time passed. Now all my friends were wearing trainer bras and real bras and I wore a singlet. A Bonds ribbed singlet. I was 13 in a 5 year old's body. "Oh you'll be grateful when you're older, Jess"
    ^^ and I am grateful! I'm nearly 40 and I have 'youth'.
  6. I was awkward looking for so long. Problem is, no one made that ok. Ok, two people in my whole universe made that ok. You need three. Three is the magic number btw.
  7. You know what though? It was ok. It was ok for me because I grew up in the 80s and 90s and the mean words came from the faces I saw everyday. Not from strangers in a world I don't understand.
  8. Yet this rant of mine about 'ugliness' (I despise that word, bc all y'all are beautiful) is a metaphor.
  9. WAIT.. on that.. start really reading the words people use. The things people say. Pay attention to the words. Really read them close.
  10. Ok. Metaphor. Think it through. How does it apply in your universe? Are you the aunt/uncle that elevates self worth? Or the one calling a child's tooth 'fang'*
    *ok, tbf, fang was pretty funny and it didn't hurt nearly as much as some of the other stuff.. but it helps to paint a picture.
  11. As we are busy being dismayed by the world's events. Stop. Check yourself and ask which team are you on?
  12. 💙+🤓
  13. [for a pictorial: MY BAD DECADE]