Inspired by @mirthnuts ...warning: this is not a great list!
  1. Static
    new hair
  2. Static
    my mums crew - half drunk
  3. Static
    the four meter (12ft) tree I decorated
  4. Static
    added for @theshome 😏
  5. Static
    the Australian red cup
  6. Static
    heritage pride
  7. Static
    this hot town pic of JN
  8. Static
    Screengrab of hanukkah tunes about potatoes for my jewtor @Lisa_Fav
  9. Static
    a dramatic beetroot moment
  10. December is not yet over.. I'll try and improve this list!
  11. my fam - out for mum's birthday.
    selfless selfie. So long as my bitches look glam.
  12. Having a moment.
    sending love across the waves to my friend who just lost her mum to cancer.
  13. not limited to December.
    this is an every day question! And yes, it's been 10+ minutes and she's still there.
  14. Painting my backyard cottage (aka future air bnb) unassisted. Skills.
  15. Yoga out-takes: getting sand kicked in my face by my younger sister and my retaliation.
  16. A little research: thoughts of making challah.
    Made it. Made a list about it. Best bread I've ever made.
  17. So much Phuket on my phone! Easily one of my Top 3 Fave Moments.
  18. Secret Santa
  19. All I Want For Christmas Is BREW!
    at Little Creatures Brewing Co, Fremantle.
  20. when your squad sends each other Hanukkah selfies.
    love my friends.
  21. when your dog isn't excited on Christmas morning.
  22. Weed Warrior is the new Flower Crown. Boxing Day Boat Day
    aka Quokka Selfie Day.
  23. When you make your friend neck a king brown of real Aussie beer!
  24. Rest days be like.. my beers were lining up! Day one of my come down cold (in repair)
  25. Ok, so I'm not one to advocate 'roos (I eat roo jerky ffs!) but this little lady was cute. She held my freaking hand!
    Also learned of my 34 yo sister's obsession with wombats. That shit cray!
  26. Someone needs to say something. Cyclists are getting outta hand!
  27. coffee delivery from my fave artisan barista. Priorities.