I wanted to take my time with this one @nathanveshecco ☺️
  1. ...it has a way of permeating my soul
  2. ...it is the catalyst to a lot of my joy
  3. ...it chooses me
    (As in when you put your music on shuffle and the 'right' song comes on)
  4. ...it will evoke the emotions that need evoking
  5. ...it can take sexual pleasures to even greater heights
    I have a draft list of boning songs.. still in its testing phase 😉
  6. ...it doesn't judge me when I thrash one particular song because I just can't get enough of it
  7. ...the mere melody can transport me to a time and place.
    I can't hear CC's Colorblind without instantly recalling sobbing into a bottle of vodka bc I couldn't understand my Dad's illness and why my then boyfriend was such an arrogant little shit.
  8. ...it creates community.
    I've traveled 18,000km to catch a Mayer show with friends I have from that community. Such a great show! Atlanta '13! ✌🏼️
  9. ...because of its largely undiscovered potential to heal real illnesses
  10. ...it unleashes my inner dance queen!
    ..she may not be technique-perfect but I love her!
  11. ...it's up there with my basic needs; air, water, music
  12. ...it doesn't judge me for not having an in-depth knowledge of it and allows me to enjoy being an avid appreciator ☺️
  13. ...it's my friend when I want to be alone, but not fully alone
    You know?
  14. 💙+🎶