What I'm Reading Today

Was going to be an anti-list... butttttt...
  1. Buckle up, kids, it's gonna be a fun semester!
    getting a head start!
  2. I finally bought @mollyyeh's book yesterday and am excited to read it today. If you're into super classy food porn, you have to (1) buy this book and (2) follow Molly on IG.
    Putting Stats on hold!
  3. Today I'm prepping for my Anthropology unit. Getting in a little pre-reading.
    Given that I have two lab reports to research for this semester, I figured best to get my anthro reading out of the way.
  4. All the books to build a strong debate on why social media use is a positive influence on a child's social development!
    That middle one is actually pretty good if you're a parent wanting to know more on how to guide your kids dev in this info-tech age.