A little bit about my name.. Jessica.
  1. I was named Jessica in 1979.
    ..the only nude you'll get to see ;)
  2. Named after actress Jessica Lange.
    I was named after this Queen. Holy hell. What a babe. Jessica Lange circa 1979.
  3. Little did my mother know, the seed for my name was planted in high-school when she studied The Merchant of Venice. This is her actual text book (yes, I framed it before I learned of its significance)
    Apparently Shakespeare was the first to use the name Jessica.
  4. From 1980, Jessica was the most popular name (and held in the Top 10) for almost 25 years.. dropping out to give way to some crazy millennial name most likely. Not bitter at all. #jesspride ✊🏼
    I don't believe in coincidences!.. this is clear proof that I am in fact a trendsetter!!!
  5. Jessica has Hebrew origins. My name in Hebrew is Iscah/Yiskāh, meaning foresight. Which is actually pretty darn accurate for me!
    Really though, as you know @Lisa_Fav, this just boosts my current 0.9% rating that little bit higher! It's destined, believe me, I AM foresight ;)
  6. [context: we have been studying naming in Linguistics the last few lectures and it had me thinking about how I call myself Jess.. despite preferring my full name]