I'm not a RTV fan (for the most part, I mean, except Masterchef and The Bachelor), and I honestly thought that it was a 'fad'. Apparently not. It's rife in Australia. Thoughts on 'what's next' in this genre of 'entertainment':
  1. _________'s Top Natural Birth
    Insert you country's name
  2. Keeping Up With Trumpnation
  3. Survivor
    You don't need to go to the jungle for this new city-street version.
  4. Breakfast Hour
    Just a single camera shot of a "traditional" or "modern" or "multicultural" family kitchen in the hour after wake up and before everyone heads off to school/work/outside life. The "family" comes and goes, getting breakfast, chatting, whatevs. The potential audience would be old people who are now alone in their lives who want (virtual) company or noise or action to get the day off right. It would be like The Truman Show, just ambient morning scenes to have on while you get ready for your day.
    Suggested by @andersun
  5. Retirement Home Shenanigans
    The ins and outs of geriatric love, cheekiness and down-right marble loosing hilarity! (No disrespect intended, old peeps are the bomb diggity!)
  6. Internet Nation
    Participants compete in special social media-themed competitions like "Best Snapchat Stories" and "Instagram Idol" and "Tweetastic" and "YouTube Titan" each week, with each week's winner getting an instant 10,000 Followers (or something) and a 6-month advertisement contract to jumpstart their Internet career.
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  7. Appalachian Charm: Parkersburg
    West Virginians with. All their teeth, no icy habit & working pick-ups enjoy the highlife & a lot of Iron City beer on the Banks of the Ohio River. Port-a-John hookups, monster truck rallies & county fair bake-offs.
    Suggested by @human_otter