(Alt title: I Patted A Nobel Prize Laureate's Dog Today)
  1. Often I have wondered who the namesake of my faculty's library is.
    Previously our libraries were simply named after the faculties and we still call them by these names by force of habit.
  2. The campus libraries were renamed a couple of years ago after alumni of the university.
  3. Mine, named after a Nobel Laureate, I learned today.
  4. So I wondered about this namesake without ever googling the history.
  5. Today, my question was answered as my coworker Tom and I were out on artwork deliveries from yesterday's auction.
  6. He just blurted out, "so, the next person we're delivering to, her husband won a Noble Prize". After I enquired of his name (it was his wife's on the invoice), worked out that I was about to be in the home of my library's namesake and all-round hero of my university!
  7. Oh my freaking goodness!
    Nerd fan-girling 🙌🏼
  8. Not expecting him to be home, I mean surely he was in the lab (right?!), and at the tail end of a rather large art piece, I was beyond shocked when he rounded the corner of the hallway I was about to walk down.
  9. He commented, a nerdy professor joke — and for those of you keeping tabs on my social media you know I'm fond of nerdy professor jokes — I quipped back. It was a brief and special moment!
  10. After putting the painting where it needed to go, Tom, our client (his wife!) and I made our way back into the living room. We were on our way to see a piece our client was most happy about when I was intercepted...
  11. ...by their dog! OMFG. I'm there, in the living room, with namesake-nobel winner-humanitarian-funny professor AND HIS DOG! Pats and kisses galore!
    Who freaking loved me, btw! Although I was later informed that she's a total tart who loves everyone. Still.
  12. So today, I not only had life answer a question before google did, I met a Nobel Laureate (and joked with him!) and I also became besties with his dog.
  13. This is how I looked when I got back in the truck. Fair to say I was pretty darn excited!
  14. Now each time I walk through the doors of that library I have the great memory of meeting the man* (and the puppy) of which it is named.
    *and amazing wife of. She, in fact, is a stunning human. So wonderful, intelligent and has an eye for (and amazing collection of) fine art.