I just did our laundry and folded the whites pile and am astonished at the quantity of white tees my husband has worn this week! / for shits and giggles List.
  1. He wore 6 white tees this week
    ..and I don't recall seeing him in this much white!.. And search white t-shirt in the GIF generator and the delicious Matt Bomer is there! Mmmmmmatt Bomer 😍
  2. ...am I crazy?!.. Is this normal?
  3. Men of the List App (or women who launder for them) .. what's the deal? Are white tees back? Did they ever leave? Why am I just noticing this?
  4. Suggest your tee preference if you wish!.. or quantity of white tees worn..
  5. I wore this t-shirt today. I have a whole collection of tv t shirts. Miami vice, magnum pi, twin peaks, etc.
    Suggested by @jennifergster