T-Minus 2 Months.
  1. I woke up feeling great.. and I thought, is it because I'm going back to Uni today?.. yes, but not this extreme of excitement.
  2. @Lisa_Fav can attest to my upbeat attitude. She got a personal serenade of "All By Myself" (very dramatic), I lip-sync'd about LA hoes to her and described a very merry dancing-down-the-Champs montage of our first meeting, to her...
  3. I sent @jpbateson an uplifting photo to ease her Monday blues.. she really appreciated it.
  4. And then it hit me..
  5. I'm dead set, super fucking excited because it is 2 months to the day for the Australian (Sydney) @ListMeetUps!
    MARK YOUR DIARIES: Saturday 1st October 2016
  6. So yeah, I'm like Julie fucking Andrews in the Austrian fields elated.
  7. Also, whilst I'm on that... I need (read: want) to know who this belongs to...