Or curious men! Be warned though, it's a super womanly list!
  1. Do you feel your ovaries release their eggs?
    I do! But only from my left. It just happened!
  2. Do you use a menstrual cup? If not, why not?
    I do. I converted last April. Never looked back!
  3. Are your periods heavy, or light? Long, short?
    Mine are medium>light and short-ish.
  4. Do you cramp?
    I cramp like a motherfucker on day 1 and 2. I'm not on contraception though, so that's probably why. Or is it related to magnesium?! Hmm.
  5. In terms of ladyscaping, do you wax, IPL or shave (or keep a trim full garden?!). Ok, that could be a bit too personal. Answer if you're brave, or DM me!
    I've waxed since I was 17, but I'm questioning it because of in-growns. Ok,sorry, TMI.
  6. Do your boobs get bigger within 10 days of your period?
    I go from a C to a D cup some months. It's dramatic and radical and I fucking love it! @Lisa_Fav can attest to this phenomenon!