The semester in which I received an 87% and a 55%! Oy, what a crazy 13 weeks. [related: Semester 1: Second Year: Mid-Sem Update]
  1. Unexpectedly I got my semester one results yesterday. I got them twice. Thanks for reiterating the facts UWA!
  2. I did 4 units: three were psychology and one was an elective (anthropology).
  3. I got 3 (low) distinctions and one high credit.
    Over here we grade: Fail, Pass, Credit, Distinction, High Distinction.
  4. Initially I got super disappointed. I'm aiming for low high distinctions (80-ish %). I scored 10-ish % less than that.
    Dropping my GPA from a 6 to goodness knows what! 😕
  5. I was all ready to give myself a mental beating followed by a period of sadness and a stern "wtf, gal?", when...
  6. I realised how incredibly difficult last semester was for me on a personal level. Questioning my relationship and potentially doing a 180 on my life as I know it.
    It wasn't without its momentary highs, of which I am extremely grateful and treasure.
  7. These drop in grades are concerning because my transcript is now counting toward my potential honors invitation and let's face it, this year isn't getting easier.
  8. Coming into semester two, which is predominantly third year level units, I will need to create a tight structure to ensure I don't fall back, and regain my lost momentum.
  9. If anything, I guess, this 'setback' has made me more determined.
  10. After looking at my results last night, I ended on a positive note. I truly am proud at how well I kept my shit together and didn't completely fall apart. That I could experience the rollercoaster of emotion and fatigue and still achieve respectable grades.
  11. So, here's to Year 2, Semester 2!
    Coming at ya live in 2 weeks!