Hello there UWA, aren't you pretty. Let's do this better than last.
  1. School's back! I was on campus Friday evening to meet up with one of my Mentee's and while I was looking for her I caught this moment and was like, "I just love this place".
    You can't really tell by my poor photography, yet there was some God-light shining through and a light drizzle of rain. It was stunning. I felt so blessed.
  2. So what's new this semester?
  3. I'm a mentor for three students. This just means for the first 6 weeks, I help them adjust and orient themselves. I check in with them around exam time etc. I have two international students and one domestic.
    It's a lot of work right now, yet worth it. It's rewarding. I know the feeling of trying to navigate not only the campus, but the systems and it's not easy.
  4. I'm taking on 3 in-semester units (not four) and 1 summer unit (in Jan/Feb '18). My grades suffered under the stress of my emotions/personal life last semester. So I felt a lighter load would help me stay in better balance.
  5. Those units are!... PSYC3302: Psychological Measurement and its Application, PSYC2218: Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology and PSYC3314: Adult Psychopathology.
    You really ought to see the 13-week list of subjects for Adult Psychopathy, heavy stuff. Week One opens with understanding suicide.
  6. So far...
  7. PSYC3302: Psychological Measurement and its Application. I had the first lecture yesterday evening. I like our professor's style. Doesn't deviate from the slides too much. Attempts little jokes. Super classy dresser (very dandy). British. Young-ish (probably my age!). Slightly self-deprecating. I think I can learn Stats from this guy ☺️
    Assessment load is good: one lab report (data already generated, phew!) and two exams; SPSS and end of semester exam (multi choice). Who wants to give me an overview on SPSS software?
  8. Will update as I sit in on my next couple of lectures..
  9. PSYC2218: Sensory and Perception. I'm taking this at level two because straight up, the vision system baffles the fuck out of me! It makes no sense and it forms a decent chunk of this unit! Nonetheless, our professor will get me through with his "Aussie Santa" looks and his mild scientific humor and his desire for us to laugh at said humor!
  10. PSYC3314: Adult Psychopathology. I could not think of a better professor to teach this than Werner Stritzke. Straight up, this guy is gentle, direct, amiable, funny and has a killer German accent. He won my heart when he told us about an UG training program called 'Brief Interventions for Risky Drinking', which he pronounced wisky drinking. (!!)
    Love him and his pointy beard. Psyched for this unit. (Yep, that's me developing my own brand of subtle scientific humor!)
  11. Other than my classes, which I'm starting to get excited about, I've spent a lot of time helping two of my three mentees. I remember the stress of creating my study plan, building the timetable and having to change subjects due to clashes. It's so much harder doing this in a second language. I feel for them and I know they'll get there!