An ode to my mother's retirement.
  1. My mum is a seriously hard worker. She (and my dad) instilled in us a strict work ethic by pure example.
  2. Working non-stop since she was 16, to this final day at 61. When she wasn't employed (whilst we were young), she was running the family businesses. Yes, plural.
  3. Yesterday she finished her last day as a gainfully employed citizen and has gracefully stepped into retirement, fully self-funded.
  4. I am so very, very proud of her.
  5. Despite always working, she very often went without. Unlike these days, working is a means to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Her labor went into providing for us, her girls.
  6. Up to now, she worked her day job and still kept the family investments in check. She is incredible. I'm glad I can finally appreciate how hard she works.
    Something I took for granted when I was younger.
  7. My wish for her, now that she is rich in time, is that she can give her generosity back to herself. Mum, you deserve the best of what you reserve for others, for yourself.
  8. Mum, I love you and I am incredibly proud of you.
  9. Enjoy your time in Europe as I know you will and don't worry, I'll check on the house! Now go, enjoy, knowing you're not returning to your day job!
  10. [this is her with my cousin and sister at her farewell drinks]
    I wasn't there, unfortunately, I was working!!