I just have so much love in my heart right now and my mind which was vacant yesterday is off on a thousand tangents today. This is the one that escaped. A fantasy date.
  1. We are at a bar overlooking the ocean. We're drinking beer from the bottle. The sun is setting and we are sitting side by side. The side glances deliver nerves and hope. You tell me your day was a good one. I smile.
  2. You hand me a simple gift box. You leave.
  3. There I am, at dusk. A gift box in hand, alone. I open it. There is a dress and a note. You have given me the time to be ready by and a car waiting. I love the idea of being told what to wear. How you want to see me.
  4. You tell me to leave my hair 'messy'.
  5. My driver waits whilst I freshen up and then delivers me to the restaurant you chose. You are there, at the front, looking sharp and confident. Your smile is somewhat a smirk. I like that.
  6. I step out of the car, as you open the door for me. You take me by the elbow because that's far more antiquated than by the hand. Again, I like that. You whisper to me your thoughts of how I look. You don't make a deal about it.
  7. I'm taken not by the words, as I am the cadence of your breath as you say them.
  8. The restaurant is fancy, yet not pompous. The meal is poetic, not just food. This chef is an artist. The food is delivered, not ordered. The wine is selected for us. We can focus on what matters. The meal complements the mood.
  9. Whilst above the table is prudent, your foot touching my calf is reassuring and sensual all at once.
  10. You pass me a note, like a devilish child with a crush. You ask me if I want to dance. I'm trying to work out by your eyes if the note is a euphemism. I agree regardless.
  11. We are taken to what seems like a warehouse by the water. There are coloured lights emanating from the breaks in the sheet metal. I feel instantly overdressed. Your face knows my thoughts and tells me otherwise.
  12. We talk all things intelligence and pop culture, yet communicate silently and knowingly on all things emotion.
  13. You read me like a book.
  14. On entering, the building is massive. There are bars, booths, high tables littered with empty low-ball glassware. The pace is frenetic. The rhythm is intoxicating. I feel like I'm in a scene of one of those dance movies. The part where they resolve conflict with dance.
  15. We drink. We dance. We retreat to a booth. You are less prudent now.
  16. You order more drinks. No ice. The conversation is eclectic: a mixture of deep, meaningful, innuendo, humour. The conversation is bordering drunk. It's loose. It's colourful. We say 'fuck' a lot.
  17. The drinks are stronger. It matches the chemistry.
  18. You slip me another note. A whisky stained napkin. 'Wanna get outta here?' When did you write that, I think. I agree. I tell you that I love your handwriting.
  19. You take me by the hand now. You lead me out. There is this weird intense whimsy to the way we leave. There is no driver. We walk along the boardwalk to the beach. This part of town is darker and the stars brighter. Just an observation.
  20. I slip off my shoes and in hand, I run down to the sand. I don't look back. You don't run. You reach me elegantly in a little bit. I know you're there because your hands meet my hips. The sound of your breath against my neck is in time with the waves. Steady. Mine is not.
  21. You collapse me. You take me.
  22. You get me.