1. "Vest" is an undergarment worn over a brassiere
    I knew they say waistcoat here but didn't know vest meant a different thing.
  2. How did I learn this?
    Well let me tell you
  3. A couple came up to me to introduce their 12-year old daughter who liked my talk
    So many kids at this conference
  4. I chatted with her about it and then said she had a cool vest
    Because it was legitimately cool
  5. She looked terrified
    Because I accused her of wearing a undergarment only old women wear apparently
  6. Her parents told me what a vest is
    Why did I not know this
  7. They explained to her what I meant
    So much explanation it probably sounded fake
  8. They promptly left.
    And actually came up to me at the bar later and apologized for going all parent on me. We had a laugh and a drink and I said it would at least make for a good story.